Characteristics of a Good Contractor Website

It is important for contractors to have a good website. Websites make it easier for contractors to market their services and to keep in touch with potential and current clients. Thus, it is crucial for contractors to design effective websites. The effectiveness of a website is not judged by its appearance. For you to create a good website, you must ensure that it has certain features. So, which features should a good contractor website have?

A Contractor’s Services

A significant majority of contractors concentrate more on designing websites that are eye-catching. As a result, they overlook the essence of including crucial business information. Customers rely on contractor’s websites to access detailed information about the services rendered by a contractor. More often than not, clients hope to see a thorough description of a contractor’s services. You can, for example, include details about your field of specialization and the prices you charge.

Insurance and Licenses

Many customers lose significant amounts of money to online fraudsters who parade themselves as qualified contractors. As a result, customers prefer to work with licensed contractors. Licenses should be included on a contractor’s website. Customers prefer to see a contractor’s license number. License numbers help clients to authenticate the work permits of a contractor. They look up the numbers on the official website of the licensing board, to confirm whether it is legitimate or not. Including your license number will help you to create a positive impression towards your potential customers. In addition to your license information, you can also include your insurance details. Including your insurance information will increase your customer’s sense of security.

Images Displaying Your Work Portfolio

Images will help to fortify your website’s content. You should include the most appealing pictures that display projects that you have already completed. Images will draw your potential clients’ attention, and assist them to develop a sketchy idea of the services you render. Additionally, pictures also help customers to gauge your skills, experience, and the quality of services you offer, ultimately, helping them decide if they want to work with you or not.

Objectives and Contact Details

Your site should not only include a description of your services but also include your objectives. This information will help to create a connection between you and your potential clients. Your website should also include your business phone number and functional email address.

A List of Credible Referees

It is recommendable to include not less than three referees. In addition to listing your referees, you also need to give their contact information. Referees will inform your clients about your character, experience, reputation, and competence.

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