Get to Know Some Benefits of IMD Intestinal Cleanse

The natural elimination of metals through the intestines is said to be optimized through IMD intestinal cleanse. By delivering insoluble thiol groups of this proprietary thiol-functinalilzed silica, mercury and other heavy metals that are accumulated in the intestines are bound and eliminated, further directly quenching also free radicals. With IMD action through an enhanced detoxification, it is aiding the system of transporters to lead out of the body undesired components.

The active chemistry of IMD proprietary product is said to compose of silica that is highly purified with thiolic metal binding groups that are covalently attached. Categorized under GRAS or generally recognized as safe, both of the silica base and binding agents are safe to use in food. It can be noted that there are several benefits of this specific chemistry of the compound compared to other detoxification remedies, and as far as metals in the intestines, the active binding groups of this compound also out compete other compounds.

Note that because IMD does not enter the bloodstream, overload of mobilized metals will not happen to your kidney or liver. There is an interception of methyl mercury and other metals that are trapped in enterophepatic circulation through the interception of IMD, escorting out these metals from the intestines. With this effect of the chemistry, organ and tissue bound mercury can be safely drained into the blood and subsequently eliminated through the kidneys and liver. The factors that contribute to intestinal inflammation, like the radicals and metal supports, are eliminated through the IMD action thereby promoting intestinal health.

Note that intestinal inflammation would prevent the elimination of toxins thereby causing a strong down regulation of the natural detoxification pathways of the body, and IMD would eliminate these blocked pathways. Be informed that intestinal inflammation is caused by exposure to certain toxins. Furthermore, some data would suggest that by eliminating these metals from the intestines, there is a proper functioning of our body’s natural detoxification processes.

The suggested intake by mouth of this substance is a gradual increase from 1 to 2 scoops and from 1 to 3 times a day, depending also on what is directed by the healthcare professional. A small amount of food may be mixed with this substance, but for pregnant women, consultation with a physician is advisable before use of the chemical.

Note that this product is insoluble and would bind heavy metals in our intestines and thus can be eliminated with the bowels. In order to damp gastrointestinal inflammation, the product has the ability to directly neutralize free radicals in the gut. Its binding agent is firmly attached to the silica that is not soluble and thus not absorbable and not bioavailable.

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