We take our senses for granted, no doubt. We’re are used to living knowing that we can see, smell, feel, and we don’t think about these things during the day. The body does it without us putting any effort.

It’s all fun and games until some of the senses fail. When it comes to the sight, everyone would admit that they’d rather trade some other of the 5 senses if they could just to get their vision back after they lost it.

This is normal, humans depend on the vision more than anything else. Losing the sight is not an option and back in the days of prehistory becoming blind meant death. Today, things are different. We still struggle with keeping the eyes as healthy as they should be, but now we have doctors who take care of this.

In this article, we’re talking about the reasons why you need to make an eye exam right now if you never did one before. If you don’t know how and where to do it, just look for an eye exam near me in any search engine.

1. You’re not aware of eventual problems

Unlike other body parts that usually hurt when they have a problem, eyes stay silent. When there’s a problem developing or existing, you might feel small blurring or blindness but they won’t hurt.

When a disease is at its early stage, you won’t feel anything and you won’t know that something’s happening inside your body. That’s why it’s wise to do regular eye check and keep track of the development.

You should do this especially if you have a genetic predisposition for this. If more of your ancestors had eye trouble, chances are great you’ll have some too.

2. Early detection can mean successful treatment

Knowing this and visiting the optometrist in time can give you a fair chance in the fight against eye diseases and conditions. The earlier you detect a problem, the earlier your doctor will be able to set diagnose and prescribe visual aid to fight with it.

This is the most important when kids are in question. Their whole body is still developing. As organs grow, eyes also develop. If there’s a problem at their young age they can overcome this problem with time if the treatment is right.

3. Eye exams uncover other body problems

It’s a known fact that everything happening inside our body leaves marks in another place. Eyes are one of the organs that are like a mirror. Whenever there’s a problem in some other place, the eyes can show this.

Going to an eye exam can uncover diabetes, kidney failures, and other organ problems. It’s like a two in one great check. Who makes regular kidney exams? No one! On the other hand, we all do regular teeth appointments. Why not do it for the eyes, too.

4. Child exams are vital for growth

Child growth depends completely on their senses. Everything they learn from the earliest age is done by listening, seeing, touching, and feeling. As they reach a certain age of a few years, their most important sense it the sight. See more about it here.

This is a clear reason why every parent must take their children to an early optometrist appointment and find out if there’s a problem. Reading problems, playtime, all this can be affected if the child can’t see clearly. With an early detection not only you’ll fix this problem momentarily, but you’ll be able to get rid of the problem for later years if the doctor sets a proper diagnose and give you the right prescription.

5. Exams for the elderly means getting a more quality life

As we grow older, our vision is normal to decline. Just like every other organ in our body, the eyes get tired and we see worse and worse. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself and accept the fact that you’re going blind.

On the contrary, visiting the optometrist will help you get back on track. A proper prescription and glasses can make you feel young again. You might even realize that you’ve been able to see all this time, but you just didn’t do anything about it.