As a server it is very important to be decent looking, so you make a good impression on the guest. A big part of that is the server clothes you wear, and you can find a big selection at

Have you ever walked in to a restaurant, where the servers wore their daily life clothes and you had a hard time figuring out, who were the real servers and who were guests or dish washers? That does anyhow not make a good impression, when you visit a nice place to eat. You need to know who the servers are, and they need to wear something simple, clean and yet stylish.

Kentaur is a firm, that works with working clothes to make any worker’s day much easier. They create functional and innovative clothes in a tested quality. They have 28 years of experience behind us and it is their priority to design, develop and provide the highest quality business clothing.

Kentaur has a huge selection of server shirts. It is simply a regular part of most work outfits, regardless of whether you have the title as a chef or if you work in the retail industry. Therefore, it is essential, that you find the right ones for your servers, and that is also why Kentaur has so many options when it comes to service shirts. They are available in several colours and models.

The shirts are designed from experience

It is very important for Kentaur, that they have a large selection of service shirts, so that they can fulfill all the needs that might be from the buyers. They are in close dialogue with the users and they test the clothes, so they can make sure, it works for the servers that are going to wear it. The shirts meet the industry’s needs both practical and design wise. This means that there is always a service shirt that suits the user.

For a typical classic look, you could consider choosing Kentaur’s classic men’s shirt with contrast in white. It has an improved fit so that the server always feels comfortable. Also the shirt has incisions on the back and sewn buttons with contrast thread and cuffs to make it look stylish. With this shirt you get an elegant and classic look in the restaurant.

If you are interested in knowing more, check out Kentaur’s webside, where you will find lots of pictures and information about every shirt.