The body has a way to adapt when we run, and for men, adjustments include what happens with something under the belt.

“Your body adapts to prevent bad things from happening to your penis and testicles,” said Jeffrey Thill, M.D.

According to Tobias Köhler, a urologist from Southern Illinois University, the adaptation ability is included when running in fairly severe conditions, such as long runs in the afternoon in inadequate support.

However, your penis and testicles are not necessarily completely free from injury while exercising. You must know some of the things that happen to this “vital organ” when exercising, both positively and negatively.

  1. Testis feels pain

At least one in seven men has experienced some pain in the testes caused by varicocele, the condition of the vein in the testes widens. This disorder usually occurs due to genetic factors.

Varicose can make a man feel tormented when running. That happens because the muscles that we use to run trigger blood flow backward and widen the varicose. To reduce pain, you can wear tight underpants or special pants to run.

  1. The danger of pressure

Although wearing tight underpants and special sports pants when running slightly makes it more comfortable, too tight pants can inhibit blood flow to the groin area. As a result, there will be a pain in the testicles.

“If you feel pain, that is the way the body tells you to wear pants that are too tight,” Thill said. The good news, no need to worry about the problem of pressure that will interfere with male fertility.

  1. Running can help erect

Anyone who runs regularly a few days a week or more will have good blood flow and heart health. Köhler said the smooth flow of blood means that the erection is also getting tighter. You can also order the Viagra Online to increase your blood flow. So, you can maintain an erection longer.

If you are a person who likes to relax while eating snacking on the couch, wear your running shoes to improve the erection. Studies from Duke University School of Medicine found that men who exercise like running with high intensity for two hours have better erection quality.

  1. Running can strengthen sperm

“We have plenty of evidence to support physical activity — specifically running — can improve male fertility,” Thill said.

A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found men who ran at least 15 hours per week had higher sperm levels of up to 73 percent compared to those who did not run.

Regular exercise is known to increase testosterone levels in the body which ultimately has a good impact on sperm health.

  1. Not too much

Avoid excessive likes, including when exercising. According to research from the University of Connecticut, running as far as 107 kilometers or more each week actually lowers testosterone levels by up to 28 percent. This also means a decrease in sperm count.

Recent research provides similar evidence, excessive running will create a response that is not good for sperm quality. Exercise too hard is known to make your body stressed. In men, it is reflected through a decrease in testosterone levels and impaired sexual function, even fertility.