The Cost of Owning a Dog

How much do you need to own and care for a dog properly? You may have heard that it’s not cheap. But it’s all a case to case basis, so the answer to the question can vary.

Let’s check it out.

Disposable Income

Owning and caring for a dog properly costs around $580 to $875 yearly, depending on the pet’s size. Monthly, that’s about $70. If you don’t have that disposable income on a monthly basis, you can work harder to earn more for your dog or skimp on your pet’s care needs. For example, for flea treatment, Pet-Lock has been a trusted name for years; if you think you can’t afford it, you’ll have to compromise on quality by getting a cheap product. Not fair to your dog at all. To be truly ready for pet ownership, you have to be prepared to give him the best, not only in terms of Pet-Lock flea medicine, but in all other ways.

Upfront Expenses

If you look at ads online or offline, it’s easy to see that they can be rather expensive. Even if you were to adopt from a shelter, you will still be spending over $100. And then there are the one-time costs for toys, a license, a collar, and the like, adding up to at least $100 more. If the dog isn’t neutered, you will eventually have to shell out around $200 for that, or even $400 if your pet only has one testicle. Many shelters include spaying/neutering costs in the adoption fee, so do some research before going to visit.

Unexpected Costs

If you love your dog, you always want him to be active and happy. Unfortunately, this comes with the possibility of accidents and injuries. You may have to spend hundreds of dollars to treat torn ligaments and broken bones. It’s heartbreaking to have to put off a crucial procedure for your pet just because you can’t fit it into your budget right now. For those unexpected costs, you may want to consider getting pet health insurance. Certain plans provide comprehensive coverage, from vaccinations to spaying/neutering and everything health-related. You’ll have to prepare some $200-300 yearly for this purpose, but in return, you can get so much more in long-term savings.

Of course, there are those expenses that cannot be avoided, such as flea treatment. You can always get a cheap brand, if you’re looking for quality, it’s best to stick to trusted names like Pet-Lock. Pet-Lock has a whole range of dog products that can help you care for your pet safely and effectively.

It’s clear that dog ownership isn’t cheap, but that mustn’t be a reason for you not to consider the possibility. Perhaps you can postpone getting one until you feel you are ready, not only financially but in every other way. As you may know, aside from being costly, owning a dog is also demanding in terms of time, patience. The financial part may be easy for some people, but at the end of the day, it’s your commitment to your pet that really matters. Finally, don’t hold back from giving your pet the best, like dog care products made by trusted brands such as Pet-Lock. Again, the benefits in the long term will surely be worthwhile.