In recent times, there has been an increase in entrepreneurs setting up car leasing services. It is an incredibly competitive business but it is also very lucrative.

With the cost of buying and owning a car becoming more expensive with each passing day, the demand placed on car leasing services in the UK tends to grow really fast.

However, based on suggestions from, before starting a car leasing service, it is important to identify a niche, and make research on whether the market is suitable for the services you are hoping to offer.

Many people lease cars for an array of reasons, and so you need to consider the type of customers you’ll be dealing with.  Also, it is important that you closely examine your future competitors. You can get some tips from reviews of car services on how to examine your future competitors as you get prepared for the market.

Are you ready to get started? If your answer is yes, you can read on to find out how to secure a car leasing services in the UK.

·       Know the difference between leasing and rental:

The first thing you will need to understand if you really want to succeed in this industry is to know the difference between renting and leasing a car. Once you know this, you can decide which of the services you’d like to offer.

Leasing a vehicle is considered a long term commitment. The customer tends to use the car as a regular vehicle for personal use. While renting a vehicle is considered a shorter commitment whereby the customer rents the car for a short term.

·       Deciding on your niche:

Once you have decided on renting cars or leasing cars, then you will have to choose what your unique selling point will be. Think about why you would like to provide cars for lease, the type of customers you will like to provide these vehicles for and the types of car you would like to work with.

·       Buy cars for the business:

This is the biggest expense you’ll face as you start your car lease business. You have to buy the cars rather than lease them yourself. You can start with second hand model cars if you do not have enough capital to buy new cars. You can find where to buy second hand cars on websites like Gumtree and eBay.

·       Get up to date on leasing regulations:

While leasing cars to customers, you must ensure that all of the cars used for the business are safe to drive. It is also the duty of the car manufacturers, but it is a legal requirement that you do your part so as to reduce any risk to your customer’s safety.

·       Get the right insurance:

Self-drive hire insurance is a good business insurance policy for car leasing services. It is designed for companies which lease cars to customers that then drive the cars themselves. Also you have to insure the driver leasing the car so it can be insured against 3rd party accidents.


Securing a car leasing business can be tough because of the competition in the industry, but by following this guide you can enjoy the dividends from the huge demands placed on car hire or leasing in recent times.