With all the excitement that comes with buying a home, it can happen that some details that might be costly later on escape you.

A building inspector will review all aspects of the house with you before you decide to complete the purchase, allowing you to make an informed decision. The building inspector can alert you to potential problems that you may not notice. Being aware of the issues that may arise may help you avoid a crisis, even if you still decide to go ahead with the purchase of your home

Here is a list of items that the inspector will  check:

  • The interior and exterior structure
  • The roof
  • Plumbing
  • electricity
  • Heating
  • Central air conditioning
  • Insulation and ventilation

Once the inspection is complete, it will share its observations, and will guide you on the best repair options, large or small, and the costs incurred by them. Finally, he will provide you with a written report, which you will keep, and which will help you to make any decision following this inspection.

Find a building inspector

It will be easy for you to spot a few inspectors in your area and easily contact them for information on their fees and references. If you’ve hired a real estate agent to buy your new home, he could help you too. Since the agent is usually present during a home inspection, he would most likely be able to recommend someone with whom one of his clients has already done business.

Check that your inspector is in good standing

The Association of Building Inspectors (ABC) was created to help people choose authorised inspectors. They are aware of building standards in your area and are continually taking courses to improve their qualifications. An inspector who is registered with the ABC must also hold and maintain professional liability insurance coverage (for all errors and omissions).

Although it is almost impossible, to know every little detail of the house before taking possession, by carrying out building, property inspections, you will still be better prepared for any eventuality. It will also take away some of the stress that usually comes with buying a new property.