Are you ready for your wedding? Now it’s time to choose the perfect gift for your witnesses! If you have elected your corporate apparels, you are probably bound in a special way to these people, who will be at your side during the ceremony. Some spouses decide to give witnesses a special version of the favors, while others prefer an exclusive and personalized gift for them. What are the best gifts for your wedding witnesses?

Here Are Some Ideas to Give To Your Witnesses

1) Clock: even if today we are always looking forward to our cell phones, giving a witness watch is a great classic! Of course we can also indulge ourselves with the choice of the clock, to find the most original and suitable for our witnesses! Not only watches, but also from home, cuckoo clocks (55 euros), the CIAK-shaped clock (49 euros) for cinema lovers, the keyboard-shaped clock (59 euros) for musicians and many others among the best watches on Amazon or read our guide on 10 types of watches and some tips to avoid mistakes .

2) Bag or Shoulder Bag: who does not need a bag to carry everything you need when you leave? You can not only buy bags for women and shoulder bags for men, but also backpacks, and contact the best T-shirts designing companies. If there is a useful gift is definitely a bag, to choose according to taste: designer bags, sports bags, colored or more sober, shaped cat or bag that looks like a cartoon. Your witnesses will always have room for their stuff!

3) Wedding Favors: if you have already chosen the wedding favors for your wedding but want to give a special version to your witnesses, here that the favors and solidarity gifts can be the perfect choice for a truly unique memory, which also saves your life of less fortunate children. You can make a donation to the activities of the association that helps children, receiving a parchment that attests your gesture of solidarity, a perfect gift for witnesses attentive to social causes!

4) Bracelet or Jewel: another classic gift for witnesses is the choice of a bracelet (in silver, gold or other precious materials) or jewelry (earrings, chains but also twins), but we recommend making this type of gift only to people who will use them for sure, it would not make sense to give something that will never or never be used!

5) e-Book Reader: if you have witnesses who love reading and technology, they are always fatigued by all the KGs of books they carry with them on their travels, an eBook reader is an ideal gift! You can buy the best e-readers in different models, from the cheapest to 59 euros to those with more features to 379 Euros.

6) Ticket for a Concert: perfect for music lovers, give tickets to a concert of their favorite group, which maybe is yours too and you can organize to go all together for a special evening that can also become a beginning of hen party!