Early 17th century: from Greek tekhnologia ‘systematic remedy’, from tekhnē ‘artwork, craft’ + -logia (see -logy). As a cultural activity, technology predates both science and engineering , each of which formalize some facets of technological endeavor. The event of technology might draw upon many fields of knowledge, together with scientific, engineering, mathematical , linguistic , and historical knowledge, to realize some sensible consequence.

One other example is from an article I read in Design Information magazine it was in regards to the improvement of Lance Armstrong’s time trial bike. With the brand new 3D technology we have been ready use conflict reporting to fix most of these clashes on the computer earlier than building.

Low: labor-intensive technology that manipulates solely coarse or gross matter and weaker forces. Doc cameras are an amazing piece of technology utilized in training at this time. Electronic or digital merchandise and techniques thought-about as a bunch: a retailer specializing in workplace technology.

It prepares the students for the future: We are able to all agree that the way forward for the world is in technology. Software program, computer systems, technology itself, are instruments and creative individuals always use instruments, nicely, more creatively. However the sheer technical brain of the coed gained him another one thousand further bucks.

Imathsn the normal classroom setting, such ideas would sound gibberish to these customers of training. This combination of higher threat and lower opportunity makes Russia the least favorable nation of the BRIC for technology investment primarily based on the present economic and threat factors.