You want to take your partner on the perfect date. You want to get out of the routine. You want to create moments that you and your partner can remember. The Moco Museum is the ideal place to achieve all this and more. For a date to be a success it must meet certain requirements. The first is that it must be full of fun. And the second is that the date has to be captured as a pleasant memory. This is the only Amsterdam museum that allows you to take pictures in each of its spaces. Just remember to turn off the flash so as not to affect the integrity of the art pieces. Imagine pictures of you and your partner next to a giant Gummy Bear. Or maybe you want to play prince and princess in an original way by riding the giant wooden horse.

Be prepared so that you can give your partner a big surprise

For things to go perfectly, you have to prepare ahead of time. I advise you to visit the Moco Museum yourself first and venture into each of its spaces. Each work of art has something special to offer you and your partner. A photograph, a video, a funny moment. Whatever it is, you can only get it at this museum. You just have to make a plan and play with your imagination. There is no other Amsterdam museum that allows you to create so many memories full of joy and fun. Don’t go to another museum to see ancient art pieces. Enjoy the art and let the creativity of the artists make your love grow even more.

An Amsterdam museum designed to create unforgettable moments

Few museums in Amsterdam offer the ability to interact with their art pieces like the Moco Museum does. What’s the point of visiting a museum if you can’t touch anything? Totally boring. However, if you want your partner to fall even more in love with you, you need to think outside the box. Be creative. Be prepared to make every space in this Amsterdam museum a happy moment for you and your partner. One important thing. Remember that large concentrations of people are prohibited. For this reason, you must buy your ticket and that of your partner from the museum’s website. There you will be able to choose the ideal date and time for your date. Arrive ten minutes early and get ready to live a romantic and fun experience full of creativity.