If by default, a person does not give much importance to what size house they want, do not hesitate, and choose a two-story house rather than a single-story house. Contrary to popular belief, a two-story home is less expensive to build. It all starts with the land the home is being built on.

A single-story home will need a lot more land for a 5-person family than a two-story property. In addition, the earthworks used will be much longer and will cost you more. A two-story house requires fewer materials and labor to build, because roofing and framing, which is a high-cost item in the construction of a house, will be less than for a single-story house. What other things could people save on when building new homes Minneapolis?

Prefer a carpark rather than a garage

If a person does not have an expensive car, the need to benefit from a garage may seem subsidiary. A garage is expensive to build and most people can get away with using a carpark or awning, which will protect their car from frost, hail, among several other advantages. Know that a garage can be built well later, well after the house has. If you want to save money at the moment, plan the garage’s location in advance and install an awning that will do the trick until a garage can be built.

Design a bioclimatic house

Designing a bioclimatic house does not cost anything extra! Or at least it does not add to the cost of construction. It’s all about building an energy-efficient home with the help of an experienced professional. If a person does not feel the weight of extensive costs during construction, there is a great chance that they will not see massive energy bills either.

A bioclimatic design consists in taking advantage of favorable climatic conditions while protecting oneself from unwanted conditions. The first parameter people need to look at will be the sun’s course. Indeed, the simple orientation of a home will allow homeowners to maximize solar gain, and save on energy.

Rooms that require less light, such as the bathroom, toilet and laundry room, should be facing north. Bedrooms and family rooms can be located east or west.