Cisco is an international company engaged in Information Technology. This company is well known as a global IT company which has often become the standard for other IT companies. Cisco is also known to be very superior in developing products around network devices. It is not surprising that many IT activists are trying to get an official certificate from the training held by Cisco, so there are also many places opened to take this Cisco course.

So, why should you take Cisco training? What are the benefits? Of course, because in addition to getting CCNA, the training you undertake is also able to open your gate to a world of more qualified networking knowledge. You can get more AWS information on the internet

Before discussing the CCNA, or the acronym for Cisco Certification Network Associate, it’s best to know what IT fields you can learn from Cisco training. The training and certification fields include:

1. Architect

2. Cloud

3. Collaboration

4. Cybersecurity Operation

5. Data Center

6. Design

7. Industrial/IoT

8. Routing & Switching

9. Security

10. Service Provider

11. Wireless

12. Technical Certification

13. Digital Transformation Specialist

14. And other certifications.

However, of the many certifications and pieces of training, the most popular is the CCNA RS which is a certificate for the routing and switching field. Because, as we know so far, routing and switching are important bases for mastering a network system. In fact, some people now refer to CCNA as a certificate for routing & switching training only, because that is the most popular and desirable field. Therefore, our discussion of CCNA this time will be more on the CCNA RS.

As a certification that is in great demand, of course, this CCNA has many advantages for anyone who has it. Click here for more information.

Routing and Switching Become the Basis for Networking

Routing and switching are the main basis for learning networking, so when you want to be an expert in the IT Network Engineer field, routing & switching skills are definitely the main thing. This is why a networking course is the first thing to do.

Cisco Certificates Recognized and Trusted

CCNA is a certificate that has been certified by networking leaders and has been trusted by many companies. This means that when you have a CCNA, the opportunities to work for large companies are enormous. In fact, thanks to the ownership of this Cisco certificate, the salary offered can also be greater.

Cisco Training Becomes the Foundation of Other Vendors

CCNA RS owners usually have a good networking foundation. Why? Because Cisco is always used as a benchmark for other vendors, so you don’t have to worry about having to take care of other devices when they get to work. Usually, other network devices (which are not Cisco), have a system that is not much different from Cisco. That way, you can be sure you can work anywhere with different devices without a lot of trouble. You can also consider to take AWS certified cloud practitioner practice exam.