Today YouTube is the most popular and major platform for sharing video content online. It also offers room for people to promote their business or themselves, express their ingenuity, and even become celebrities. Anyone considering having a professional YouTube channel needs to have quality video equipment. While making quality videos may seem easy, it is not always that easy. Instead, you need to have the right equipment’s and know-how to operate them. Buying your equipment from dependable online stores is one key factor that will help you to get quality equipment. You can find reliable stores by reading more about electronic shops reviews and looking at reviews about tecobuy. In this article, you’ll find the essential equipment needed when starting a YouTube channel.


If your channel core aim is to shoot actual videos, you must need a high-quality camera. Quality videos have been proven to attract a great audience as compared to low-quality ones. People tend to think that HD videos need costly cameras, but this is not the case; instead, there are many low cost yet high-quality video cameras in the market. Based on your channel’s niche, there are multiple camera types to choose from. Below are the different camera types.

Camera for Travel Vloggers

The Sony RX100

This is an expensive yet great camera that travel vloggers should consider. This camera offers better handling that will suit the operation of a travelling content creator.

Specifications of the Sony RX100

  • Size: 4.00 X 1.41 X 2.29 inches
  • Screen size: 3 inches
  • Battery life: 320 shots
  • Capture resolution:1080p


  • Offers a fast response rate
  • Is smooth to handle


  • Doesn’t have a microphone’s external input
  • Can be expensive for those on a budget

Gaming Camera 

The Logitech C922x

This is a camera that best suits gaming YouTubers. It is capable of recording HD quality videos which are best suited for gamers.

Specifications of the Logitech C922x

  • Light: Has an Up to 5 feet Auto light correction
  • Recording: Records in 1080p Full HD
  • Lens: Has a Full HD glass lens


  • Is affordable
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems


  • Doesn’t have night vision
  • Has no onboard storage
  • Doesn’t support 4K


You tubers should always ensure that they shoot their videos at a proper angle and also without shaking. A Tripod is very helpful when it comes to solving these issues. Even more beneficial is the fact that tripods are affordable. Some tripods that you can try out include;

The Manfrotto Compact Advanced

 This is a lightweight Tripod and an excellent option for YouTubers who focus on the travelling niche. It can be comfortably extended and is compatible with 44.5cm to 165 cm. It is made of quality materials making it highly stable.

The JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom

This is a flexible, small compact tripod capable of holding any vlogging camera. Its unique design distinguishes it from other tripods available in the market.


  • It’s lightweight
  • It is practical and versatile and therefore can be used in diverse ways
  • No fear of breakage as its made from reliable and robust material


  • It can prove challenging for first-timers to handle its legs

The quality of the voice of your channel is an important factor to your audience. There are different types of microphones. For instance, if a channel is dedicated to making tutorial videos, you can select a lapel mic if related to news go for a short gun mic. Some other microphone types include;

  • Diaphragm Mic
  • Wired Mic
  • Lavalier mic

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

The Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod fits those who need a tripod on a budget. It is incredibly sturdy in all types of surfaces. Made from high-quality material, the legs are robust. If you need vertical and horizontal videos for your YouTube channel, this tripod will be convenient as it allows you to move its head 360 degrees. Weighing only 190 grams, it is a Tripod that is easy to carry almost anywhere.


  • Has a good grip
  • Is hugely compatible with all compact smartphones and cameras
  • Is highly light and easy to handle and carry allowing it to be greatly portable


  • It is not suitable for bulky devices as it only supports up to one kilogram

In conclusion, to ensure that your YouTube channel succeeds, offering quality content to your audience is vital. To deliver quality content, you need to have robust and quality equipment. With this article, you have the essential equipment required to start a YouTube channel and offer quality content.