Soon it is time for the big event: your wife will give birth to your first child. You are excited about finally holding your child in your arms, however, the recent behavior of your wife has made you feel doubtful. You are not so sure anymore if everything in your relationship is so well as it used to be, and you begin to doubt her loyalty towards you. This brings you to the next question: Is the child that is about to be born really your child, or might it be from a different father? What options do you have now?

Collecting evidence

If you really have the feeling that something has been wrong for quite a while now, and you really have the suspicion that the child with which your wife is pregnant is from another man, then you can start doing some research. Start collecting all the evidence that you can find. Do you remember weird events in the past: weird moments where she went out at strange times? Record everything that you can remember, and maybe a clearer picture will emerge.

Talking to your wife

Another option is talking to her about your concerns. Maybe you have just been seeing things that aren’t there, and a talk with your wife can help to clear things up and calm your mind. Tell her what worries you, express your feelings, and chances are good that the two of you can resolve the issue together: you can gain back your confidence in the relationship. But what can you do when you’ve talked to your wife, but you really can’t get rid of the doubts?

Paternity testing

The option that you have when you want to be really certain about whether you are the genetic father of the child or not, is that you can do a dna paternity test. How does this work? First of all it is important to know, that all parties have to agree to this test. This means your wife and you both have to be on board. In your case, in which the child is not born yet, prenatal paternity testing is the way to go for you. With a test like this your DNA and the DNA of the child get analyzed, and by comparing the different pieces of DNA it can be shown very clearly whether you are the father or not. With this, you can gain clarity and a peace of mind again.