Ever heard of the funeral director? This unpopular job is actually in the world, you know. This time I will share my work experience as a funeral director. Initially, I was interested in pursuing a profession as a morgue. However, his desire was dashed for reasons of intense business competition in this field. Or, in front of the funeral director in my home country, Sydney, offering a job to become one of funeral services Sydney.

Even though it sounds scary, I’m still interested in doing the job. Over time, I began to like this unique profession. My career went well and not long after my career was appointed as funeral director two years later. Similar to the services of an event organizer, the funeral director’s main task is to ensure the funeral runs smoothly. One thing that makes this profession special is the role of the bonus as ‘the client’s hand grip’ during the funeral. Yup, I not only arranged technical problems during the funeral but also calmed the families left behind. I must be a reliable person when the whole family is left sad and sad.

Even though his position is now quite high and on par with the director, I still often go directly to take care of the body from the hospital to the final resting place.

My job is to arrange the funeral from the beginning to the end. Starting from ensuring the funeral time, ordering priests, arranging transportation, flowers, tombstones, and everything related to the funeral procession.

I am also very agile in dealing with corpses, such as bathing, dressing up to arrange funerals. Because I need a strong mentality, I undergo this profession with dedication.

I admit that taking care of the funeral of relatives is the most difficult thing for him. Likewise, when dealing with the body of a baby or small child, I often feel very surprised to see this innocent body. But for reasons of professionalism, I have never shown defeat.

I uphold professionalism and principled if facing death to work, then he is a paid service provider to make it easier, not to grieve.

One day, one day I had to leave for Christmas dinner to take care of my death and he didn’t mind. For him, maybe only one Christmas night he couldn’t attend. But for families left behind, this Christmas night will be the night they remember the most because they have lost a loved one.

How? Can you live this unique profession like me? Being a funeral director is not easy, but I have proven that if done with a sincere heart, everything will be easy.