Now there are many motivators in the world with different types of expertise, specialization, and areas of ability. In example, Ranulph Fiennes speaker that the reliable speaker in the field Adventurers, Business Motivational speakers, Change & Change Management, Endurance Sports, Leadership, Overcoming Adversity, Raconteur, Sporting/Olympic Motivational Speakers, and Teamwork.

They are often invited by various companies and organizations for events such as the House Training, Seminars, and even in various religious and educational events. Before inviting motivators, we need to pay attention to a number of criteria so that the motivators we invite according to needs and can deliver the results we expect. If you need a reference to the best collection of motivational speakers, you can look at motivational speakers in London.

Here are 7 things we need to consider before inviting motivators in our company or organization:

  1. Experience

Before we invite a motivator, we need to know his “flying hours” in delivering seminars and training. A reliable motivator certainly has extensive experience and high “flying hours” in providing motivation in various companies or organizations and also has spoken on a small audience scale up to thousands of people at once as well as at various levels or circles. Because the experience of a motivator will make him very sensitive and understand how to bring a message or material in various events with different goals and needs.

  1. Knowledge

Each motivator certainly has the expertise and uniqueness of each. In terms of knowledge, for example, there are some speakers who have power in the business area, some are reliable in the area of ​​sales and marketing, some are proficient in the field of personal development or mental breakthroughs, some are in finance, or some may be great in the field of Leadership. Although it does not rule out there are motivators who do have knowledge and master several fields at once. So, it’s best if we need to adjust what our company or organization needs to be with the motivator expertise that our services will use.

  1. Performance

In addition to experience and knowledge, of course, a very important thing is that a motivator must be able to present (deliver) the material in a very interesting and creative way. So that participants can receive and understand all the material presented very well. Of course, we don’t want a motivational event to be held and most participants feel bored or sleepy.

  1. Achievement

Reliable motivators certainly have many achievements records. Achievements can be in the form of books written, radio or TV programs. It can also be an achievement such as success in increasing employee productivity, bringing people through life changes, helping sales or marketing in achieving targets or generating new business people.

  1. Mastery

How mastering the material presented by the motivator will determine the effectiveness of a seminar or training. Between one motivator with another motivator often has strengths and specialties. Of course, in the field they are experts will affect the mastery of the material presented.

  1. Appearance

A motivator who looks good and neat will certainly enhance the positive image of the seminar participant or training on him. Because the motivator now is also a public figure and even an entertainer who must be able to “turn on” his audience.

  1. Approach

It would be very good if the motivators we invite have many approaches to share the material. Not only rigid and limited by one method or approach. The approach can be in the form of simulations, games, role play, experiential learning, edutainment, and many other approaches. All of which aims to be able to make learning so effective.